Bordercrosser between Art and Space

Artmanager | Galleryowner | Spacechanger | Artproducer

"Almost exactly 20 years ago I discovered a long missed oil painting of my grandfather in an antique shop
and in addition to the love of architecture, my love to art  inflamed."

Siegfried (Z) Schwarz

since 2017
Blu & LOU - Artproduction of individual Art

since 2014
ART.SPACES - Art-Sale/Gallery Art4Dresden/Spacelab

since 2009
Wind.stil - Spacelab

The Rose Boudoir - Producer gallery

2004 -2012
Wind.stil - Art gifts for entrepreneurial communication

2004 -2009
EinRaumhaus - The Mobile Property

since 1999
ArtThinking - Methodical mediation of architecture and art

since 1989
Architect and Designer - Various projects between Frankfurt, Hamburg + Dresden


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in reminiscence

Wilhelm Schwarz
(Tightrope Artist, Musician and Painter)